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Bookings are essential to cater for small classes

Please book and pay here online or for more information please call or text Danielle on 0488144257.

See below for pricing.
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Changing dates & times most of the year.   

I teach yoga that focuses on safe, gentle and mindful alignment of postures (Asana) that can be easily modified for people from all ages and stages.  I encourage a practice that is helpful for real bodies in a way that is kind and compassionate to ourselves and where we (and our energy levels) are on a particular day.  My classes also include Pranayama (breath work), and relaxation. Classes are mostly held in my private studio in Halls Gap (3km from town centre).  During School summer holidays and better weather classes will be held outdoors and local areas. 




Shorter walks in the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park ending with Yoga class and cups of tea.  Highlights will be sections of the Grampians Peaks Trail and excluded, private, specy outdoor locations for classes.  




Mini Yoga Retreats to learn Yoga therapeutics for the Season and  connect with  others, eat some beautiful food, drink warm, sweet Chai or just step away from the routine.  Based on the concepts that holistic disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda suggest, our lifestyle, exercise , yoga practice and diet need to be aligned with the current season. Harmonising yourself and your routines with the cycles of nature is believed by these traditions to keep you nurtured and disease free.  


Other longer retreat dates vary throughout the year - Flexible weekend Retreats of relaxing Yoga and meditation in Halls Gap.  Beautiful, handpicked accommodation and the option to take part in the scheduled classes while still having the time and flexibility to rest, restore and explore the area.  Massage will also be available over the weekend.  We will also share cups of teas and beautiful, nourishing breakfasts and group dinners.



Casual Classes $20    

Warm Oil Massage (Abhyanga) $90

* I also offer local concession, accept a donation of your choice if experiencing financial hardship.   

Please understand due to small classes no refund is available if cancelled within 48 hours of class or no show. 


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